Immerse yourself with sound

Invisible Sound At It’s Best

Envision a world where exquisite sound surrounds you, no matter where you are in a space. You don’t need to imagine – Amina, specialists in invisible speakers, have perfected it. With over 25 years of experience pushing the boundaries of sound, we have meticulously crafted innovative immersive invisible speakers. By utilising our cutting-edge technology, our speakers immerse rooms in breathtaking sound while requiring often half the number of speakers needed with conventional systems.

Experience Immersive Sound

Pioneering a revolution in audio technology, Amina redefines the industry with it’s cutting-edge invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers. Diverging from traditional speaker systems, Amina’s products harness natural vibrations to produce sound, akin to an acoustic musical instrument, creating an immersive sound field that naturally envelops your space.

Whether you seek the heart-thumping bass of your favourite movie or the nuanced melodies of a classical symphony, Amina’s speakers and subwoofers deliver a sound experience that is rich, full-bodied, and truly awe-inspiring. Upgrade your home entertainment setup with Amina’s innovative and stylish products for a sound encounter like never before.


The rising demand for integrated lifestyle technology, coupled with concerns about ‘aesthetic clutter,’ has driven the adoption of hidden technology solutions. Considering that 30% of our brain’s capacity is devoted to processing visual stimuli while only 2% is allocated to audio, it becomes evident that our perception of sound is greatly influenced by how we visually experience it. Eliminating the aesthetic distractions enables a full immersion in the auditory art form as intended.

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British Engineering

Amina proudly designs and manufactures high-quality invisible speakers in the UK. Our products blend innovative technology with sleek and stylish design. Through controlling the entire process, we guarantee top-notch quality and exceptional audio experiences.

Create The Atmosphere

Harmonise sound with interior design seamlessly. Invisible sound enhances your room’s aesthetic focus. Amina speakers offer immersive experiences with fewer units compared to traditional speakers. Explore our specification service and tools to discover the ideal solution for your space.