Immerse yourself with sound

Invisible Sound At It’s Best

Imagine a world where you are bathed in beautiful sound, no matter where you are in a space. Well there’s no need to imagine. The specialists have it covered. Amina have crafted and honed an innovative speaker that does just that, and have over 20 years experience at pushing the boundaries on sound. Covering a room with stunning sound, with half the number of speakers you would need if they were just conventional.

Experience Immersive Sound

Amina is changing the game in home audio with their cutting-edge, invisible in-wall speakers and subwoofers. Unlike conventional speakers, Amina’s products harness natural vibrations to generate sound, much like an acoustic musical instrument, creating an immersive sound field designed to fill your space naturally.

Whether it’s the pulse-pounding bass of your favourite movie or the delicate notes of a classical symphony, Amina’s speakers and subwoofers deliver sound that is rich, full-bodied, and truly awe-inspiring. Upgrade your home entertainment system with Amina’s innovative and stylish products and experience sound like never before.


Increasing demand for integrated lifestyle technology combined with associated ‘aesthetic-clutter’ has led to a rise in hidden technology solutions. With 30% of brain power dedicated to visual stimulus and only 2% dedicated to audio, it is clear that the way we ‘see’ sound has a huge impact on the way we perceive it. By removing the aesthetic aspect, it allows complete focus on the audio art-form as it was intended.

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British Engineering

At Amina, we take pride in our products being designed and built in the UK. Our commitment to the highest quality standards is reflected in every aspect of our products, from innovative technology to sleek, stylish design. By having control over the entire design and manufacturing process, we are able to ensure that every product we produce meets our exacting standards and delivers an exceptional audio experience.

Create The Atmosphere

Create perfect cohesion between sound and interior design. Truly invisible sound means your room’s aesthetic is the focus, as it always should be. Compared to conventional speakers, it takes fewer Amina speakers to create an immersive, room-filling sound experience.

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