About Amina Sound

Richard Newlove founds Amina, with a unique idea.  Speakers no longer look like speakers, but art.  Each speaker is individual, customised by each client and is focussed on Commercial AV Market in the UK and Europe.

PLASA Launch of the ‘Amina Mimic’ modular frame concept allowing production of custom bespoke flat panel audio solutions disguised as something else. Artwork, Ceiling Tiles etc.

As Milliennium approaches, Amina is tasked to supply custom audio for two zones of the London Millennium Dome, enjoyed by 6 and a half million people.

First major UK project installing 2.2m wide audio enabled video conferencing screens and hidden hospitality suite audio systems in new ABN Amro headquarters in Bishop Gate, London.

Amina creates the very first plaster over invisible speaker for a German Bank Headquarters. The Amina In-Wall (AIW) flagship product integrated 4 neodymium drivers and was so exciting, a thief tried to steal it out of the wall before being interrupted, and the product reintegrated.  Over 20 years on the product is still being used.

Amina enters the USA with their first international team, and ships their first AIW products to the states.

After 5 years of research and development, the Amina team launch a unique aluminium honeycomb composite panel, with paper skins, which revolutionised invisible sound creating very high performance audio reproduction, whilst giving integrators a lighter, and quicker installation process.

Amina launch in the residential Market with CEDIA.

Amina showcases their Invisible Sound solutions to the USA at their first CEDIA show in Denver.  The first of many engaging shows.

The exciting launch of AWIvX receives widespread industry recognition setting the future standard for invisible sound.

The first Acoustic backbox is launched, creating consistent cavity for optimal acoustic repoduction.

The core component of Amina’s invisible speakers, Neodymium, reaches instability, creating an opportunity for intensive R&D to utilise less of this resource, and achieve more.

The Launch of the ‘Evolution’ after an intensive period of R&D sees an invisible speaker based around a whole new design of high power Neo driver, reducing the amount of Neodymium, whilst also improving audio reproduction via Amina’s new Optidrive™ and Optidamping™ patented Technology.

Amina Launch the worlds first Audiophile invisible audio product, the AIW750E.  This two panel solution forms separate dedicated high and low frequency panels.

With the drive to go even further, the dedication of the R&D team create an upgrade to all evolution products.

The Mobius launches the first invisible speaker to feature the Excelsior class or dedicated neodymium high frequency drivers, creating invisible products capable of reproducing signal of up to 30KHz for the first time.

Following unprecedented materials research, the launch of a new mouldable composite panel material allows the production of strong low frequencies without needing a dampening weight of plaster across the surface.  The new Edge, plaster up to invisible solution, created a highly efficient invisible speaker for dry wall installation.

Launch of the ‘i‘ upgrade for both Edge and Mobius series extends the mid high smoothness in all products.

Amina Celebrates 20 years with the launch of the all in one install concept, the iB.

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