Continuous, Professional Development

Understanding and specifying invisible sound solutions

Our CPD explores the options available to architects and interior designers to include sound sources into their projects, for entertainment, ambience, education or safety. It will discuss the properties and benefits of DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeakers), how invisible sound solutions can be created with zero visual impact, sound reproduction and how the listening experience is impacted by the presence, or otherwise, of different parts of the frequency spectrum, speaker requirements for different applications including 3D sound, and options for fire barriers and voice evacuation where required. 

Experience Immersive Sound

By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
– How to speak with confidence to clients about invisible sound solutions in both residential and commercial projects
– What materials can be used in an interior design to render speakers invisible besides a plaster skim and likely impact on sound quality of differing options
– How to provide outline specification of options to clients for sound solutions using DML