St Wencelas Church

Yatun: St Wencelas Church

Never having its own church, the village of Sazovice in the Czech Republic had been commuting for their faith for years. 

The intention to build a church arose in Sazovice before the Second World War. However, its impact and then the communist era buried him for decades. In 2011, the locals returned to the idea of ​​building a church and founded the Association for the Construction of the Church.  Taking 2 years to build, this unique church, St Wencelas, is a masterpiece in architecture and modern technology. 

Designed by Marek Štěpán of ATELIER ŠTĚPÁN, The cylindrical shape of the church is made to look like a “roll of paper” from which leaves are peeled off. Windows are located in the openings of the walls, but they do not allow a direct view outside.

“I wanted the church to look as material as possible so that it could be dematerialized as much as possible. The entry of a person into the church is to be a path from the outer material world to the inner spiritual world, “said the architect Štěpán.

Side reflected light inside the temple is provided by notches in the cylinder. The light is also brought by a round vista in the ceiling, lined with three sides of a triangle symbolizing God’s eye. The interior is simple, it should evoke a feeling of calm and peace in people.  This is where clever hidden technology has been utilized in the best possible way, to allow the church to remain calm.  Yatun, provided the Amina Invisible speakers, which are plastered into the space. The Client asked for the most trusted and lasting traditional plaster type (lime/cement) to be used instead of modern types, to guarantee a maintenance free lifetime of the building.  Because of the versatility in covering materials that can be used with the Amina iQ 1, it was a simple request, that made no difference to the resulting quality of sound.

Using Amina iQ 1’s allowed the installation of multiple speakers around the space, without impacting the clean interior look. Music elegantly fills the large space thanks to the wide dispersion ability of these unique loudspeakers, which its conventional counterparts simply cannot compete with. DALI controls the lighting in the space which creates stunning effects after dark.

In 2017, the church was awarded in the Best of Realty competition, where it won a special jury prize. Before Christmas 2017, Azure magazine ranked it among the ten best buildings built in the world in 2017.
Architect: Atelier Stepan

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