Sound for sanctuary

Clearly Automated: The AVALON

Nestled in the heart of the english countryside, The Avalon at Broughton hall required a calming and harmonious aesthetic and sumptuous sound, key to the art of being.

Avalon, located on the stunning 3000 acre Broughton Hall Estate in Yorkshire, is a retreat like no other. This special location was designed to serve the mind, body and spirit, creating the freedom for personal development and the pursuit of the inner voyage.
This unique building was designed by Cirencester based architects, Yiangou. The interior design was created by the celebrated Opera and Ballet designer, Patrick Kinmonth. The importance of the building and the way people connect with it and each other during their journey cannot be underestimated. Patrick Kinmonth has stage managed a sumptuous and inventive interior. It is discreet, joyful and functional, combining natural materials, contemporary style and technology in a thoughtful and contextual way.

Sound is a key sense in the Art of Being. Kinmonth understands this well and with the invisibility of the buildings technology being an integral part of the specification for Avalon, Patrick chose to deploy Amina invisible speakers throughout. Invisibility is, of course, key in keeping the interior space visually free and uncluttered. After all a sanctuary is not a sanctuary when you are surrounded by technology. Amina was the logical step to ensure the audio solution fitted with the design concept.

Not only was invisibility integral, but a sound that filled the space evenly with quality, calm and control was of equal importance. Avalon is full of large open spaces which is where the Amina speakers came into thier own.  Sound evenly fills the space and is delivered with aplomb, supporting and nurturing the beautiful Avalon experience.

The owner of this stunning piece of architecture, Roger Tempest, chose to work with the team at Clearly Automated to fulfil their unique brief.

Our aim was to create a word-class Wellbeing Centre and this needed a world-class state of the art audiovisual and lighting systems. We choose to work with Clearly Automated as they were an innovative and reliable company who understood this.The blinds are regularly commented on and people love the dramatic effect and feel they have given Avalon. The music sound is ethereal and gives an effect that we wanted and fits in perfectly. We value the excellent support and service and we have since recommended them to others.Top Marks Clearly Automated.”

The Clearly Automated team fulfilled their brief and more, giving the client a full range of audio, lighting and blinds with ease of control throughout.
Lutron lighting control system, with Lutron blinds and Lutron switches turn on and off music and lighting whilst keeping a minimally technological look.   For example in each treatment room, it is simple to switch music and lighting with a button on a control panel.  Full dolby atmos 3m drop down screen 4k projector visual allows a room to be transformed into a movie night.
The Clearly Automated team expertly navigated high ceilings and speciality plaster to create the ultimate sound for sanctuary.