Invisible Applications

Wet Rooms and Swimming Pools

Providing a water, moisture and chemical barrier over the loudspeaker, the combination of plaster and water-resistant paint allows Amina speakers to be safely specified into environments with high humidity.

Audio in large spaces

With the large, open spaces associated with commercial properties, the ability to offer even, room-filling sound from a reduced number of loudspeakers can provide a great solution. Amina Invisible Loudspeakers offer great performance from a system that does not detract from the aesthetic design of a space.

Covering materials

Amina fully-covered loudspeakers are not limited to being installed behind a wet plaster skim coat, but may also be installed with a variety of covering materials such as wood, leather, and natural stone veneer, allowing an Amina Loudspeaker to be installed regardless of the interior design.

Hotels and hospitality

With their own unique set of system requirements, hotels and hospitality projects can greatly benefit from both the acoustic and aesthetic benefits of an Amina Invisible Loudspeaker.

Multi-channel audio

Providing an immersive listening environment from a system that disappears into the fabric of the property, Amina Loudspeakers allow any space to be instantly transformed into a home cinema, with breathtaking results.

commercial Audio

For high-quality commercial installations, even sound coverage and reduced speaker quantities can be reason alone to specify an Amina commercial system.

Product brochure

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