Audio for large spaces

Audio in Big Open Spaces

The ability to install seamless, invisible sound is a huge benefit in settings where the focus is and should be solely on visual art. The ability to add room filling audio, with the unique 180 degree dispersion characteristics of Amina’s Invisible speakers, eliminates potential challenges in reproducing excellent audio in large open spaces, which may otherwise present a number of issues to both the interior designer and audio system integrator.

Plataforma das Artes, Guimarães, Portugal

As an active art gallery and public space, hosting both resident and touring exhibitions, Plataforma das Artes presents a very specific set of audio system requirements…

Saftey as standard

Sound fills even large spaces with our cutting-edge technology, eliminating the need for visible speakers and making it ideal for commercial spaces such as galleries.
But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to ensure our customers’ safety, so we developed a line of EN54-certified speakers. This international standard ensures that our product is suitable for use in public and commercial buildings.
Not only do our invisible speakers have a completely unobtrusive appearance, but they also provide the peace of mind that they have been thoroughly tested for safety.

Upgrade today to our EN54 certified invisible speakers for superior audio in your commercial space.

High Impedance audio

Allowing for long Low noise cabling, Low impedance additions are designed for use in commercial audio, and come as standard with our EN54 range.