Hotels and hospitality

Hotel Sound

With hotels providing the ultimate opulent luxury living experience, every aspect of the aesthetic and physical design has a significant impact on the customer experience and atmosphere. Communal spaces necessitate different audio visual systems than private rooms. The use of audio in public spaces can help to not only enhance the atmosphere through background music, but also to provide privacy and comfort by using noise-masking where necessary.

Although some hotel properties require more specialised systems, the majority of projects in commercial spaces are likely to have a fairly similar set of requirements:

  • Consistent sound coverage
  • High-impedance compatibility
  • Full bandwidth performance

The ability to have a high-performance audio system that does not detract from the aesthetic design of a space can aid in the creation of the all-important ambiance and customer experience. Amina Invisible Loudspeaker installations can provide an incredible discreet solution, giving even sound coverage in hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, hallways, bedrooms and leisure facilities. Amina commercial loudspeakers are simple to install and fully compatible with existing commercial audio systems.

High and Low impedance

All Amina flat panel loudspeakers are available to purchase in both high and low impedance varieties. With a range of high quality torroidally wound transformers, loudspeakers can easily be installed where 100V / 70V line systems have been specified. Fixed value and multi-tapped transformers are available for both maximum acoustic performance and installation flexibility across large commercial properties.

Speaker placing

There are several construction and design advantages to using a loudspeaker with a full-bandwidth 180° dispersion pattern. This enables a system installer to design a highly effective commercial audio system that provides exceptionally smooth coverage throughout the space.
DML speakers often require two to four times the number of units to obtain the same coverage within a space as a conventional speaker. This can help to reduce installation time, amplification costs, cable requirements, and overall system costs.
Consistent sound coverage may be easily obtained with both full-bandwidth 180° dispersion and the incoherent-phase waveform generated by a DML speaker, with no difference in frequency response over the entire frequency range.

Flexible Space

Because of the reduction in hot and cold areas, Amina speakers are an excellent choice for public locations within hotels, such as lobbies, hallways, bars, and restaurants, where each customer requires the same amount of privacy and entertainment.
With every loudspeaker specification, as the ceiling height increases, so does the loudspeaker spacing. The precise spacing will be determined by the amount of variation in SPL required over the listening space. As a guide, see the table below.

Although speaker spacing is vital, audio channel count (mono/stereo) and sound localization should also be considered. Some places may require more coverage, such as a hallway or elevator lobby, while others, such as a serving area within a bar, may require a lower SPL.
Amina loudspeakers require no maintenance once installed. Loudspeakers can be plastered in and painted over in the same way as the rest of the ceiling or wall.

Flexibly Positioned Technology

Positioning speakers such that they are out of the way of artwork, preventing them being covered or damaged through placement of art may typically cause conflict with regard to speaker positioning. With the wide dispersion pattern of Amina speakers, this can allow for flexible and somewhat unconventional speaker positioning. The speaker does not have to visually line up with lighting fixtures or be fitted so that it directly points at the listener. This flexibility of speaker positioning and even dispersion pattern makes a difficult space easy to deal with, and guarantee incredible acoustic performance throughout.

Safe solution

Our new EN54 certified speaker range allows the same high fidelity audio, whilst ensuring international fire safety standards. Our EN54 range creates desired lifestyle listening and a voice evacuation system all in one, seamlessly.