Our Technology Explained


Our speakers harness the power of naturally occurring resonant modes using a technology known as DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeaker). Unlike conventional “cone” speakers which convert electrical energy into a significant forward and backward “piston” movement, Amina speakers convert it into modal energy across a lightweight, flat panel. A DML exhibits only tiny physical movements and with designed-in structural rigidity, these are the key ingredients to our speakers’ ability to integrate into a building space and completely disappear.


Creating sound in this way gives us two important advantages compared to conventional speakers. The first is ultra-wide sound dispersion which means the listening sweet spot is enormous – all sound frequencies are spread over a very wide angle. The second advantage is a diffuse sound output which, just like a diffuse light source, interacts with the boundaries of a space to create an even spread of energy. By comparison, conventional speakers are more analogous to a spot light with the associated bright areas and shadow areas. DMLs have much in common with acoustic musical instruments which are, of course, designed to create a large, room filling sound with maximum clarity for the entire audience.


Designed to replace a small section of plasterboard/drywall, our Edgei speaker range are designed to be taped and joined in the same way that tapered board is installed and finished. The entire wall/ceiling is then painted and decorated, making the speaker completely invisible.


To create ultimate freedom of design and space, our Mobius range can be concealed with a huge array of covering materials. From plaster, wood to marble and everything in-between.

Revitalise Your Living Space with Dynamic Sound

Enhance Your Space with Amina’s Immersive Sound. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home theater or add excitement to your commercial space, Amina’s innovative sound solutions are designed to bring your space to life.

Explore our solutions for both residential and commercial spaces today and experience sound like never before.

Amina patents

At Amina, we are proud to have patented our innovative technology. Our unique approach to creating sound sets us apart from the competition and positions us as leaders in the industry. Our patented technology guarantees the highest quality and exceptional audio experience in every product we produce.