Entertainment and design harmony

Residential Brilliance

Create the soundtrack to your life to full surround sound cinema without changing your decor.

Discover projects created by our Partners below.

Icelandic ambiance

To accommodate the homeowner’s desire for the cleanest look throughout the interior, the Nordic Smart Spaces team deployed 20 Amina Edge5 ultimate-performance invisible loudspeakers complemented by five Amina ALF architectural subwoofers (four ALF120s and a single ALF80), creating a high-resolution, full range entertainment system with zero impact on décor. The Edge5 speakers were utilized in the open-plan living space that includes a living room, dining room and kitchen. They were also deployed in each of the bedrooms and the study….

Curved Cacophony

A curved ceiling and polished concrete walls are the focus of this project with invisible Media room and whole home, lifestyle listening creating the atmosphere.

Disco house

Showcasing the flexibility of invisible speakers, The disco house highlights how different covering materials can create a designers dream.

Beaconsfield brilliance

From lifestyle listening to Pool party, this stunning project created the perfect ambiance.

Swiss Elements

Nestled into the alps, this Chalet relaxes occupants after a long day skiing.

Strike out

Overlooking a charming New England lake sits a beautiful vacation home with a new addition that features a bowling alley, indoor pool, and a paddle tennis court. From the beginning of the project, we realised that this was going to be a rare opportunity to create a space where we could curate elements which would be front and centre to the entertainment experience, yet blend beautifully with the vision of the space…