Curved Cacophony.

From the initial design phase of this stunning property in Manly NSW Australia, it was clear that the architect wanted to utilise the most discreet solutions they could find. Keeping focus on clean lines and surface texture, they wanted minimise visible services, fixtures, lighting and sound.

Brought on board in the early stages of the new build project, Sound with Vision’s long term clients wanted to keep the level of high end lifestyle entertainment they had become accustomed to, whilst keeping close to the architects vision. Moving from a house with existing floor standing speakers and conventional surround sound in-ceiling speakers, the team suggested implementing invisible sound throughout the space. A demonstration at Canohm HQ, and the teams confidence in the solution gave their customer full trust in the recommendation.

 After extensive listening, the Mobius5i was chosen due to its neutral tone and accurate reproduction across all required frequencies.

Modern, clean architectural details meant Amina Invisible speakers were not only the ideal solution visually, but the ideal solution for the construction constraints the project presented.

Built using concrete slabs meant the ceiling space was very tight giving the team a hard limit on speaker depth. Amina invisible speakers being less overall depth than typical speakers was incredibly beneficial.

Curved ceilings were the second challenge for the team. Beautiful curved ceilings were created in two of the rooms, with one of those rooms requiring 5 speakers for the surround sound system, a feature that the clients did not want to compromise on and Sound with Vision we’re confident they could achieve with Amina.

Fortunately the Amina back-box sandwiches the ceiling substrate meaning that a perfect fit was achieved with no compromise on the overall depth. The ability to use up to 3mm of plaster material allowed the speaker to be perfectly flat through the curve and completely invisible once painted.

The third challenge the team faced was that the ceiling height in the lower level was less than ideal with a limited slab to slab distance and clients desire to maximise ceiling heights. The wide dispersion of the Amina speakers, however, allows for much greater coverage using the same amount of speakers. Integrators Sound with Vision explained that “the Amina speakers also have certain parts of the audio spectrum which are reproduced better than any traditional speaker because they are not physically moving the driver surface back and forth and causing physical deformations of the driver surface, without these deformations there is noticeably less distortion in certain parts of the sound reproduction.”

“The first demonstration to the client was during construction and they had only set the amplification to 25% power. Once plastered, the client was completely blown away. His expectation was that he was going to sacrifice some sound for aesthetics but the sound was better than he was used to and much better than he was expecting. When they came back for the final installation and reduced the protection units compression ratio the sound was orders of magnitude fuller and louder, with people from the street 3 floors below hearing them clearly through the open doors and over the sound of the ocean across the street.”

The project utilised 13x Mobius5i speakers with back boxes and protection units with SONOS and Integra amplification, LG OLED TVs and Dynaudio Contour for the front LCR speakers in one of the surround rooms and Dynaudio subwoofers throughout. Unifi networking and RTI controls keep everything running smoothly.

Sound with Vision are an approved Amina dealer based in NSW, AU. Sound with Vision can be contacted via or on +61 2 8231 6595.

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