Galactic Getaway


Overlooking a charming New England lake sits a beautiful vacation home with a new addition that features a bowling alley, indoor pool, and a paddle tennis court. From the beginning of the project, we realised that this was going to be a rare opportunity to create a space where we could curate elements which would be front and centre to the entertainment experience, yet blend beautifully with the vision of the space.

A futuristic technology experience
To make this addition work as a hub of family entertainment, we took the vision of the interior designer and conceptualised a space where technology would be both visible and invisible, depending on it’s function. The original AV design had visible speakers and traditional TVs for the bowling alley displays. We researched across dozens of vendors to find unique solutions for each space, from a subwoofer installed underneath the paddle court’s surface to recessed lighting in the pool area that can emulate ocean waves. Featuring stunning lighting scenes from Ketra, invisible speaker solutions from Amina, and custom shades from Lutron, this entertainment complex creates a visually and functionally seamless technology experience of which most people could previously only dream.

Free rein on creativity
For this project, we needed to create a space that is more than just lights and speakers. The space needed to be easily used by anyone and cater to a multitude of users and situations. The homeowners have prior experience with home automation, and were very open-minded and allowed us to flex our creative powers throughout the entire process. Not only was this a truly perfect client but also a great working collaboration with both the interior designer and our long time partner, custom home builder KVC. Peter Romanelli of Conceptual Lighting specified Ketra Lighting to bring the best lighting possible for the space, and TSP brought their design to life. Ketra is utilized in art galleries and museums across the world. The light’s dynamic spectrum offers a diverse range of colors and the broadest spectrum of white colour available on the market today, giving homeowners a vast palette through which to customize their home’s lighting.

Architect: Shope Reno Wharton
GC: KVC Builders
Interiors: Manuel de Santaren

Project Specs:

  • Amina ALF80 Subwoofers

  • Amina MOBIUS in-wall loudspeakers

  • Axis network cameras

  • LG commercial displays

  • LG short-throw projector

  • Lutron Homeworks QS system

  • Lutron Sivoia QS roller shades with blackout capabilities

  • Lutron Palladiom and Pico keypads and remotes

  • Revel Extreme Climate landscape speakers

  • Savant smart thermostats

  • Savant Touch in-wall controls

  • Savant AV over IP 4K video distribution

  • Savant Pro remote

Party scenes and natural lighting abilities

The capabilities of Ketra and its ability to integrate seamlessly with Lutron’s lighting control allowed us to create a range of scenes for the complex’s bowling alley that emulated the style of midnight bowling seen in popular alleys across the country. Our design engineer, Chase Rowe, took inspiration from his bowling experiences and created dozens of space-themed scenes to pick from, including “Mars,” “Saturn,” and “Nova.”
When not using the space for party scenes, the lights are set to synchronize with the sun’s light, replicating both the strength and warmth of its light throughout the day. Ketra Lighting was used in more than just the bowling alley in this complex.
It was also installed into the recessed lighting fixtures of the pool area. Partnered with the wall’s wavy plaster, we were able to emulate the deep blue color of the ocean, creating a spectacular aquatic effect that enhances the entire poolside space. This Lutron Homeworks QS system provides control of the homes 70 Ketra bulbs and 90 Lutron lights and was fully integrated into the main home’s lighting system.

Sound from every direction
To provide audio solutions for the bowling alley and the indoor pool, we turned to our trusted partner Amina. Amina’s invisible speakers were installed in faux beams in the pool’s ceiling, allowing for sound throughout the pool without any visible speakers or grilles. Amina’s sound design allows for impecca- ble quality in acoustically live spaces like pools. The bowling alley features an in-wall subwoofer and 4 invisible speakers as well, all connected to a Sonos system where the owner can stream from Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal.

For the outdoor tennis court, we turned to Revel Speakers and their Extreme Climate line of products. Designed to function even in the extreme cold and snow of New Hampshire, we installed four satellite speakers throughout the area. To provide an even more immersive audio experience, we brought in a direct burial subwoofer that was installed directly into the core of the court itself. In the pool area, Lubell Labs underwater speakers were installed to provide sound even while swimming and Sonos allows music to be streamed to all areas at once.

The result is an entertainment complex that can be used for just about any situation. Whether you are alone trying to get in a few laps in the pool or throwing a lively bowling party, this entertainment complex provides the versatility to transition its lighting and AV at the touch of a button. This home automation project proves that a smart home is more than just combining technology solutions. A smart home is about the unique experiences that it creates for its users.

The Case study can also be found through our Partners TSP: