The New ALF100


Amina Technologies, known for their passion for doing their part in making home, leisure and work environments that little bit more special, are pleased to announce the official release of

the ALF100SM in-wall-on-stud subwoofer.

The company has spent over two years developing and testing this new addition to the line, said Richard Newlove, managing Director of Amina Technologies, with results that exceeded our own expectations. “with the development of the ALF100SM, Amina has entered into a new category of subwoofer designs that are aimed at providing extremely discreet and powerful vented subwoofers that take up ZERO floorspace. This particular design sports a completely unobtrusive 5/8th x 12” vent that is easily hidden in the decorative skirting board or within drywall, and by utilizing a powerful 10-inch woofer in a vented, 4th order void-free Baltic Birch Plywood cabinet design, it produces a solid sounding, deep bass response, void of any chaffing or port noise normally associated with such designs”.

Added Keith Vanderkley, VP of Engineering Solutions “This extremely discreet and virtually invisible subwoofer has already received rave reviews by those whom have experienced or installed early releases of the ALF100SM” adding that many integrators have expressed the ALF100SM subwoofer is a “gamechanger, suitable for both conventional and invisible loudspeaker installations.” And at 90dB/2.83V, this 200W 4-ohm cabinet is just that, able to provide an impressive 111 dB ½-space measured output with a frequency response from 25-160 Hz (unprocessed, -10dB). Externally powered by any suitable DSP based amplifier, the sub can be further optimized to suit the client’s room acoustics and musical taste. “With an expected retail value of $2300, this truly is a sub that is worth looking at, or perhaps better said, worth listening to” Keith proclaimed.

What sets the ALF100SM design apart is that at 409mm wide, 1066mm high and only 99mm deep, the ALF100SM is designed to fit into standard 400mm on-centre stud or joist construction without any extra framing required, whilst the12.5mm flanged face panel is sized to replace a nominal 412 x 1070 x 12.5mm section of drywall or plasterboard, or thicker panels using shim kits. The front panel simply installs much like a drywall repair in retrofit, or as part of the drywall finish in new construction, and comes with all hardware required. The white primer coating is especially formulated to accept a diverse range of coverings, so the ASLF100SM will finish seamlessly in any installation, be it in-wall or even when installed in-floor or in-ceiling, where it can be blended into the environment by adapting to similar vent covering as the HVAC system, making the ALF100SM yet another mind-blowing and ear-pleasing invisible addition to the Amina family of sound solutions.

About Amina technologies

Amina Technologies is a division of Osiviso group of companies, all committed to improving our living environments, are a world leading developer and manufacturer of invisible loudspeaker solutions and holds multiple patents in DML based technology. With headquarters located in Huntingdon, United Kingdom and manufacturing facilities in the UK, Europe and Asia, Amina Technologies is distributed worldwide.

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