Project Brief

As an active art gallery and public space, hosting both resident and touring exhibitions, Plataforma das Artes presents a very specific set of audio system requirements.

  1. Even sound coverage throughout
  2. Zero visual detraction from visual art
  3. Flexible space to adjust for use
  4. Technology positioned out of way from physical disturbance

Even coverage

With a large space and no fixed single listening position, a sound system that delivers flawless audio to every position within the space is critical. Use of DML speakers create full 180┬░ coverage throughout the entire frequency range. As well as incredible wide dispersion angles, the incoherent phase waveform generated by a DML speaker also means that all reflected sound helps to smooth out any inconsistencies in SPL throughout the space, further improving the coverage. A conventional loudspeaker system used in such a space would typically require more loudspeaker units to achieve the exact same coverage.

Zero Visual Impact

Using very small vibrations within the flat radiating panel to generate sound, Amina speakers are able to replace a section of plasterboard in a ceiling or wall. They can then be plastered-in and painted over, allowing them to become completely invisible. With the removal of the visual aspect of a loudspeaker, it both allows complete focus on the artwork (in terms of visual art and any background audio being reproduced) as well as reduce sound localisation, which helps with the impression of even immersive audio.

Flexible Space

As with any active art gallery, the focus is on creating a space that is neutral in appearance while also remaining flexible in use. The regular adjustment and movement of artworks throughout the space means that there needs to be ample space left for the hanging of work, and the ability to re-patch any sign of previous wall/ceiling hangings. This requires a construction technique that can be quickly and easily patched as well as loudspeakers that are not positioned in a space that may be required to hang artwork.Because of the exposure to moisture and salinity, all materials used in marine properties should provide additional environmental resilience.
Amina speakers are completely sealed from the outside environment once installed.
The speaker is protected from external environmental damage whether it is receiving a painted plaster skim coat or installed behind a high pressure laminate, making it an incredibly reliable solution for such a demanding installation.

Carefully Positioned Technology

Positioning speakers such that they are out of the way of artwork, preventing them being covered or damaged through placement of art may typically cause conflict with regard to speaker positioning. With the wide dispersion pattern of Amina speakers, this can allow for unconventional speaker positioning. The speaker does not have to visually line up with lighting fixtures or be fitted so that it directly points at the listener. This flexibility of speaker positioning and even dispersion pattern makes a difficult space easy to deal with, and guarantee incredible acoustic performance throughout.

Construction Requirements

As with many art galleries and public spaces, Plataforma Das Artes features vast expanses of clean white ceilings and walls. The monolithic nature of these clean surfaces provides the perfect platform for the artwork to be presented. With the constant cycle of resident and visiting exhibitions, the space needs to be structurally robust enough to reposition work, patch, paint and repeat. This requirement often means that such galleries are constructed with a structural board with no wet plaster skim. This could be hung from either a timber or metal frame as normal. There may also be large areas (specifically on the ceiling) which could be covered using acoustic plaster to help control problematic reflections. As a working commercial property, the space requires a loudspeaker system that is easy to install, will require zero maintenance and will be compatible with typical commercial high impedance distributed audio systems. Once installed, Amina loudspeakers require no more maintenance than the wall or ceiling that surrounds the product.

High Impedance Audio

Many large commercial properties opt for a high impedance 100V / 70V line speaker systems. All Amina Invisible speakers can be supplied with high quality toroidally wound transformers, available as either multi-tap or fixed value. High impedance (also known as fixed voltage) speaker systems allow for long, low-noise cable runs and reduced amplification requirements, making them a great option for large open properties. For smaller commercial installations, speakers can be supplied without the transformer. This can sometimes be desirable as it may provide a slightly more flexible solution for ultimate audio performance.


With the lightest speaker just 1kg, and 36mm deep, our invisible speakers can fit in almost any environment, even those with strict weight restrictions.