The range


A new revolutionary design for invisible loudspeaker technology, the Amina Edgei series offers smooth low frequency extension with increased power handling and sensitivity, resulting in a dynamic and engaging listening experience that has never previously been heard from an invisible loudspeaker.

Building on the incredible performance of the Amina Mobiusi series, Amina Edgei series loudspeakers incorporate OptiDampingTM, OptiDriveTM, and Amina’s patented Reduced- resonance technology and ToneReliefTM technology. Designed for application within drywall construction techniques, Amina Edgei series loudspeakers incorporate a tapered perimeter. Once taped, filled, sanded and painted, the loudspeaker becomes fully invisible. The Amina Edgei series can also be installed in post-plaster situation (retrofit) where there is an existing full skim coat (Amina Edgei series loudspeakers should not be fully plastered over).


The Mobiusi series provides the greatest flexibility for interior design integration and installation of any invisible loudspeaker. Delivering incredible high-frequency performance across the entire listening position, allowing for perfect reproduction with all the detail and clarity, no matter where in the space you are listening from.

Engineered to work behind a range of covering materials such as full plaster skim (2mm), wood, leather, or high pressure laminate, to name a few, Mobiusi series loudspeakers offer the most flexible invisible audio solution available

Invisible subs

Our subwoofers are designed to blend seamlessly into your home’s interior design, with concealed ports that allow for a truly discrete installation. These subwoofers deliver powerful, room-filling bass that will elevate your movie and music listening experience to new heights. With Amina’s invisible in-wall subwoofers, you can have it all – superior sound quality and a sleek, sophisticated look that will impress your guests.

EN54 range

To broaden our commercial offering and ensure our customers’ safety, we have developed an EN54-certified invisible speaker range. The same high-fidelity audio without sacrificing safety.

Specification Service

Specifying invisible often means up to 3 times less speakers are required in your system. Our complimentary service takes any guesswork out of getting the best solution for you space.