Specifying the invisible

Amina Specification Service

Sound system designers and specifiers need to know how many speakers are required for a given application. Each environment is different based on the room dimensions and other factors: Consideration must be given to the listener height, audio content, other performance requirements such as SPL (sound pressure level) and if even coverage is desired, how much variation in SPL is acceptable throughout the space.

Amina’s specification method differs from most other speaker manufacturers in that the speakers entire frequency range is considered as part of the ‘evenness of coverage’ by virtue of the dispersion properties of DML loudspeakers.

This service is based on measurements of installed Amina speakers. Polar plots are normalised and the speaker dispersion projected onto a horizontal plane at the listening height to calculate variation in sound pressure levels for standing or seated listeners.

How it works

After consultation with the client, send relevant drawings and information to our specification team.

  • Drawings should ideally be provided in .pdf or .png format.
  • Rooms requiring audio should be stated, along with performance expectations.
  • Ceiling heights must be provided.
  • Drawings should be marked up with room dimensions.
  • Any particular system requirements should be defined (Hi/Lo Impedance system for example)
  • More pertinent information (e.g finishes, cavity depth, stud spacing, furniture positions) will result in a more accurate specification.

*Specifications generated using this service are intended as recommendations and are not a guarantee of performance.

Specification Tools

For those who wish to specify quickly and autonomously, Amina has published detailed webinar-based training courses covering speaker specification on Amina’s learning portal. All training courses are completely free of charge and open to anyone.

In addition, Amina’s ‘Specifying the Invisible’ application note includes a quick-reference table for speaker spacing in different ceiling heights.