Wet Rooms and Swimming pools


When designing an integrated audio system, whether for a commercial or private pool, spa, or leisure facility, there will undoubtedly be a similar set of challenges to overcome.

Amina Mobius range Invisible speakers are uniquely suited to these environments, as a fully covered speaker, creating a sound source resistant to the effects of moisture, humidity and chemicals.

When considering the natural acoustics of a typical swimming pool area, the need for a long-lasting and dependable distributed audio system becomes essential. Large, flat, and highly reflective surfaces can pose a challenge for traditional speakers, which struggle with a harsh acoustic environment.
Our invisible solution not only addresses the moisture resistance requirement, but also utalises its Acoustic energy, generated by microscopic vibrations with our DML speakers Technology . This produces a 180° dispersion with full bandwidth and an incoherent-phase waveform to  produce a consistent and smooth response across the entire space while retaining all clarity, detail, and intelligibility.

Luxury Bathrooms

The demand for a bathroom audio system in the residential sector frequently boils down to delivering a high quality loudspeaker that can tolerate high humidity and splashes without detracting from the elegant design.
Amina Invisible Loudspeakers, which provide high-fidelity immersive audio in plaster-over or plaster-up-to variants, are a perfect alternative for such settings.
For smaller bathrooms, single-panel dual-channel loudspeakers are provided where there is limited space for a pair of loudspeakers or when stereo separation is not necessary.
Larger bathrooms may still benefit from a couple of loudspeakers for the ultimate music system.

Low Maintenance

With extensive amounts of inaccessible ceiling space right above a main listening area, any speaker in this area must be low maintenance and resistant to the harsh climate found in a pool room.
When properly mounted, an Amina loudspeaker is completely insulated from the atmosphere within the pool space.
With a plaster covering and water-resistant paint, the loudspeaker requires exactly the same level of maintenance as the rest of the ceiling, none. It may be cleaned and maintained exactly like any other portion of ceiling.
The plaster and paint barrier not only protects the speakers from moisture, but also from any chemicals present in the pool area.

This can provide an extremely reliable but immersive loudspeaker system in one of the most difficult conditions possible.
Amina provides an undetectable audio solution for everything from low-level background music to full-fledged party ambiance or even full multi-channel surround sound.


Harsh environmental exposure is not limited to the pool, bathroom, and recreational areas. Marine applications face the same set of challenges, but with limited access. Because the vessel may only be available for service once a year, extra reliability and minimal service requirements are critical, as any technical fault may be costly or inconvenient to repair.
Because of the exposure to moisture and salinity, all materials used in marine properties should provide additional environmental resilience.
Amina loudspeakers are completely sealed from the outside environment once installed.
The loudspeaker is protected from external environmental damage whether it is receiving a painted plaster skim coat or installed behind a high pressure laminate, making it an incredibly reliable solution for such a demanding installation.


With the lightest speaker just 1kg, and 36mm deep, our invisible speakers can fit in almost any environment, even those with strict weight restrictions.