The range


Experience a groundbreaking design in invisible in wall speakers with the Amina Edgei series. These speakers offer enhanced power handling and sensitivity, delivering an immersive and dynamic listening experience unlike any other invisible speaker on the market.

Drawing from the exceptional performance of the Amina Mobiusi series, Amina Edgei speakers feature cutting-edge technologies such as OptiDampingTM, OptiDriveTM, Reduced-resonance, and ToneReliefTM. Specifically engineered for integration into drywall constructions, Amina Edgei speakers feature a unique tapered perimeter. Once seamlessly integrated, taped, filled, sanded, and painted, these speakers blend flawlessly into the surface, creating complete invisibility. The Amina Edgei series is also suitable for post-plaster installations (retrofit) when a full skim coat is present (Note: Amina Edgei speakers should not be plastered over).


The Mobiusi series offers unparalleled flexibility for seamlessly integrating and installing invisible in wall speakers. These speakers excel in high-frequency performance, ensuring impeccable audio reproduction with unmatched detail and clarity regardless of your listening position within the space.

Designed to operate discreetly behind virtually unlimited covering materials like full plaster skim (2mm), wood, leather, or high-pressure laminate, the Mobiusi series presents a versatile and adaptable invisible speaker solution.

Invisible subs

Encounter powerful, room-filling bass with our subwoofers, seamlessly blending into your home’s design. These subwoofers feature concealed ports for discreet installation. Elevate your movie and music experience to new heights. Amina’s invisible in-wall subwoofers offer superior sound quality and a sleek, almost invisible, sophisticated look that will impress.

EN54 range

To enhance our commercial range, and prioritise safety standards, we have introduced an EN54-certified invisible speaker line. These speakers offer high-fidelity audio whilst also meeting voice evacuation standards in public spaces.

Specification Service

Choosing Amina’s invisible speakers can reduce the number needed by up to 3 times. Our complimentary service simplifies finding the ideal solution for your space.