The Amina Commerical Advantage #CDW2023


From the 21st-23rd May 2023, Amina had the pleasure of presenting, for the first time, at CDW2023.

During the extremely successful show, we had the pleasure of discussing the numerous commercial and residential applications of our invisible speakers, and we believe they can revolutionise the way you experience sound in your spaces. We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with more information about the versatility and advantages our product offers in both commercial and residential settings.

1. Enhanced Sound Masking

Our invisible speakers are perfect for sound masking applications, helping to reduce noise distractions and enhance privacy in open office layouts, healthcare facilities, or co-working spaces. With their discreet placement and excellent sound dispersion, they provide a soothing and unobtrusive environment.

2. Conference Rooms

Transform your conference rooms into immersive audio experiences with our invisible speakers. Seamlessly integrated into the ceiling or walls, they provide high-quality audio without compromising the aesthetics of the space. Your meetings and presentations will come to life with crystal-clear sound and minimal visual impact. Our technology allows increased microphone pickup sensitivity, creating a harmonious and balanced sound on both sides of a video call. 

3. Easy Integration

The flexibility of our invisible speakers allows for easy placement within ceiling tiles, furniture and cabinetry, behind fabric panels or plastered in. This feature makes them ideal for any office space, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, or any commercial space where audio is desired without compromising the interior design.



4. Eliminating distracting hotspots

Traditional speakers can often cause discomfort for diners when placed too close to their tables. Our invisible speakers, discreetly integrated into the restaurant’s interior, prevent any frustrating hotspots of sound that could interrupt conversations or disturb the overall dining experience. This ensures that guests can enjoy their meals without any audio-related disruptions.