The Guardian 2 has arrived

Invisible speaker protection unit

The Active Guardian2­­ APU marks a revolutionary advancement in cost effective total protection for Amina Speakers, ensuring optimal Amina Invisible Speaker performance with zero added distortion.

The Guardian2­­ is the first variant in a series of Amina’s all new active loudspeaker protection devices, creating protection for 2 channels per device. The sophisticated 2-stage active circuit design responds to RMS and peak audio events in an instant, eliminating any opportunity for Amina invisible loudspeakers to be overloaded with excess power from audio system events or user error, in an appropriately configured audio system.

RMS Protection

RMS or average voltage protection continually monitors the power delivery over a short time window to detect any potential for thermal overload.

Peak Voltage protection

Peak voltage protection continually monitors for excessively powerful short-duration peaks which may otherwise have the potential to cause the speaker to exceed its mechanical limits.
If and when the peak or RMS monitoring thresholds are exceeded, the signal to the speaker is immediately attenuated, returning to a normal state once safe to do so.

The System

Delivered in a compact package that sits by your amplifier of choice and is powered by a 5V USB cable, via PoE by using a 5VDC regulated PoE splitter, or any available powered USB ports. As with previous protection devices, the Guardian2 should never be positioned in the wall/ceiling where it cannot be accessed easily.
Intended to be a last-line-of-defence against accidental overloading, the Guardian2 should not be used as a volume limiter or for gain reduction.

*power supply not included.

2 mobius invisible speakers with protection unit and amplifier

Available to order now, this new active device can be used with all Amina Models, specifically pre-programmed in-factory when you order with speakers, or on site selectable via internal dip switch.